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   About Castalina
     Castalina metal tiles are hand crafted using time-honored methods by skilled artisans.  To ensure excellence, we hand pour and hand finish each piece in our foundry.  Our solid metal decos and liners are the extras, the accents, the jewelry that takes your home or office from the ordinary to the exceptional.

     Our Deco dots and liners are all metal—100 percent lead-free pewter. They won’t rust or break—they are timeless, individual works of art.  Each piece is available in two finishes:  a polished pewter finish (complements stainless steel or chrome fixtures and appliances) or our aged finish (darkened, antique pewter that looks like wrought iron).

     You can use our decos and liners as an accent, as a bold pattern or on their own.  From backsplashes and showers to flooring inlays and mosaics; the possibilities are truly endless. These all metal tiles are used by top decorators, designers and architects in high end homes, hotels and restaurants.  Each piece is handcrafted and hand-finished and easy to install.

     Castalina tiles are as easy to install as any stone or ceramic tile.  We recommend using a high quality thinset with an add mixture to strengthen the bond or a product such as Ardex’s S-48 Cemastic.  Simply fill the back of the piece (all pieces are recessed to create a more secure bond) and put in place.  Use spacers and tape as needed to secure the pieces until set.  Before the thinset or grout dries, clean up the excess from recess areas with a soft brush.

     If necessary, Castalina tiles can be trimmed or mitered with a hack saw. If damage occurs during trimming or installation, pieces should be resealed with a clear spray acrylic or enamel (available at hardware stores).  Tape off surrounding stone or tile and make sure the tile is clean, dry and oil-free before sealing.

     Castalina tiles are easy to clean and maintain.   We recommend using a non-abrasive spray cleaner.  By following these simple steps, your Castalina metal tile will be maintenance free for years to come.

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